Idham Antaditama

What are your hobbies?

Watching sports (soccer, american football, mix martial art, basketball,and many more).

Who is your influence in the fitness industry?

For strength and conditioning, I follow some coaches such as Phil Daru, Eric Cressey, Dr. John Rusin, Brett Bartholomew, Pete Bommarito, and many more. In kettlebell sport I like Denis Vasilev, Ivan Denisov, and my coach Redho Kusumo.

What is your main interest in fitness?

I started my sport at 10 years old. Join local soccer school until 21 years old. In 2014, i started my fitness journey with strength training. I want to increase my strength, and added some muscle. And then, in 2016, i decided to got fitness trainer and nutrition certification, because i think many people training not on a good way. I like to help other people fitness condition, and make their life better. So i decide to start my fitness coaching with The Powerlab. And hopefully i can help more and more people.