Mario Pangestu

What are your hobbies?

Longboarding, playing with my kids, playing video games, and eating.

Who is your influence in the fitness industry?

Elliot Hulse, Jeff Cavaliere, Hafthor Bjornson.

What is your main interest in fitness?

It all started from novice bodybuilding, ever since I saw the Arnold Encyclopedia of bodybuilding, I’ve never stop learning and its been 12 years since then. I started my journey into powerlifting, following the westside barbell method, I finally won the PORPROV Banten national scoring a 150kg bench press, 220kg squat and a 220kg deadlift in the 83kg weight class.  These days my passion is to master olympic weightlifting and all fitness movements in general. I love fitness and gym and this undying passion has led to where i am now! See you all at The Power Lab!